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Starscape in development.
New wallpapers available for download!


New media added!


Our next project?


We're not ready to reveal it quite yet...

We're still on the tail end of development in Starscape, but that doesn't mean our next project isn't underway. Come back to the site often as we update our news feed frequently. We'll be annoucing our nexy title shortly.

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We appreciate community feedback. If you've experienced any bugs or glitches in gameplay, or have any other questions, get in touch with us here.


Starscape Site

The year is 2087. Eli Shutter is thrust into a discovery that will change the course of history. The cold, dark of space holds secrets that none of us could have imagined. Featuring a full Story Mode & Freeplay Mode, Starscape is one of the the premier apps on the Android Maket.

Tap It!

Tap it! Site

This classic playing card game app includes Slapjack, Egyptian Ratscrew, and an original variation of the two called Slap Screw. It also features multiple players on one phone, so go play it now with up to three of your friends at once!