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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is Debra Games?
  2. Where can I find your products?
  3. How do I contact a developer?
  4. How can I support?
  5. What is your current project?
  6. When is your next title going to be releaed/announced?
  7. Are you hiring?



What is Debra Games?

  • Debra Games is a gaming & entertainment company. Head over here for more information.
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Where can I find your products?

  • Our products are available here on the Android Market. We will soon be on the iPhone and several tablet devices. Check back regularly for updates.
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How do I contact a developer?

  • To get in touch with a developer, email us at info@debragames.com
  • To leave us a comment or for other options visit our contact form.
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How can I support?

  • You can support our work through paypal. We appreciate any thought you put toward supporting Debra Games.
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What is your current project?

  • Our dev team is currently in development on 'Starscape'. Check out the Starscape site for more info.
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When is your next Title going to be released/announced?

  • We haven't yet announced our next Title. When it is announced, you can view our home page for details. At Debra Games our goal is to put as many hours of work into a project as necessary to assure the highest quality. This means that release dates may not be announced until the tail end of the development process
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Are you hiring?

  • Debra Games is not currently hiring. If you are interested in partnering with Debra Games as a freelance artist or programmer, you can contact us here.
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