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September 16, 1926

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Starscape Progress

- We are in the thick of deveopment on Starscape™. If you’re interested in seeing how parts of the development project work, take a look. There are several facets of the game that need to be developed before we can move into beta testing. First and foremost, our lead programmer must code nonstop to ensure the game functions correctly and allows the player a smooth and bug-free experience. While the code is being created, our lead artist takes on the task of identifying and creating prototypes for our main characters (along with ship artwork, effects, etc, etc). This coincides with our story development. Our story developer must work very closely with the art department to make sure character qualities that are present in the script come through in the art. Then there’s the music. We are composing all of the music for Starscape from our studio, it will be our first originally composed soundtrack. This soundtrack requires hours upon hours of work. Add to that the sound effects, ambient noise, and, well…you get the picture. All of these elements, painstakingly perfected, will transalte into one of the most sophisticated and enjoyable games on the market. In the coming months we will work to polish and fine-tune Starscape until it reaches its full potential.

We hope to keep the updates frequent, so check back daily!

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Starscape In Development

Starscape is our newest Android game: a 1st class space-shooter game featuring a full in-depth Story Mode as well as Freeplay Mode – the first of its kind on the Android market. Starscape will allow for many hours of gameplay in its Story Mode, and will also include many acheivement-based perks, rewards, and unlockables in Freeplay Mode. Our dev team is hard at work and we hope to have a preliminary release date in the coming months, so stay tuned!

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Tap It! 2.0 Is Here!

- We have released an update for our Android game, “Tap It!” This update includes some minor bug fixes, a fix for an issue with the title screen, and three new difficulty levels for all single player game modes! This includes: Noob, Merciful, and Merciless. Click here, or search for it on the Android market, and download it today!

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New Title Announced!

- Starscape™ is our newest project here at Debra Games. We will be posting regular updates during the development period. For more info, check here.

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Tap It! Released Early!

- “Tap It!” has now officially been released early! Check it out on the Android market! This classic playing card game app includes Slapjack, Egyptian Ratscrew, and an original variation of the two called Slap Screw. It also features multiple players on one phone, so go play it now with up to three of your friends at once!

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Tap It! Release Date Set: 9/10/10

- Release date for Tap It!™, our newest Android game, has been set for September 10!

Look for it soon on the Android Market.

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